Cleanroom ALUMINUM DeltaWALL™ has been designed to maintain structural integrity in extreme environments in which humidity is a key factor.

Standar Colours

Non-Standard Colours


The ALUMINUM DeltaWALL panels in sintered expanded polystyrene obtained from a block, with isotropic closed cell with class E reaction to fire, comply with UNI EN 13163 standards with CE marking. They are particularly suitable for applications, where good mechanical resistance is required.


The HPL DeltaWALLS™ Rockwool panel is used in the majority of project that require a high degree of heat resistance and superior thermal insulation, saving on the maintenance cost of the installation..


The HPL DeltaWALL™ HONEYCOMB (ex Doluflex) panel is the top of range among DELTA2000 products. It’s used by the most prestigious pharmaceutical companies.