Chemicals Industry

In the Chemical Industry BCT Group provides systems for:

Cooling of a chemical products

Some chemicals are heated in the initial phase of their production, eg when homogenized. When the initial phase is completed then the chemicals must be cooled, e.g. from 80 ° C to 20 ° C.

Clean room conditions in an active substance weighing chamber

In several chemical industries the active substance is weighed before production. This weighing is done in small spaces which must be free of any substance other than the active substance being weighed. Our company manufactures the clean space in which the active substance is weighed. Usually the clean weighing areas are of high purity class eg ISO-5.

Achieving desired temperature and humidity conditions in the production area, industrial air conditioning

Some chemical productions require specific temperature and relative humidity conditions in the production room air.

Production of chemicals in clean space conditions, avoidance of cross-contamination

Some chemicals must be produced in clean air conditions such as medicines or, at least at positive fresh air pressure to prevent the production of dust and bugs. Also in some facilities different chemical compounds are produced in adjacent rooms and it is crucial that no active substance passes from one room to the next.

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