Assembly Buildings

Buildings with special requirements are places like museums, libraries, music halls, theaters, conference centers, hospitals, airports, big hotels, multiplex commercial buildings etc. which demand special consideration in providing appropriate indoor air quality and are characterized as great energy consumers with significant variations in load.

Achieving appropriate air conditions with respect to temperature and relative humidity as well as air quality and cleanliness (issues very important in preservation of works of art) is a delicate issue and demands deep knowledge and innovative design.

Another important issue which needs special approach is energy consumption. Cooling and heating loads as well as fresh air requirements fluctuate considerably according to buildings occupancy. Adjusting produced cooling and heating power to the current demand is a tough goal. Effective solution to this objective is not only given by a sophisticated overall automation system but the integral HVAC system and the corresponding equipment must be design and selected appropriately to allow adjustability from 10% of demand to 100% with proportional energy consumption.

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