Leroy Merlin – Commercial HVAC


Leroy Merlin – Commercial HVAC

Assembly Buildings

Athens, Greece


BCT Group designed & implemented the central cold and hot water system for the cooling and heating needs of the Leroy Merlin building on Vasilissis Sofias Street on behalf of the owner company DAKON Anaptyxiaki SA.

More specifically, our company has successfully implemented:

 the cold water system for air conditioning with 2 water-cooled chillers, with  total cooling capacity of 2900 kw as well as

the hot water system for heating, with a total thermal capacity of 930 kw.

There was also an  automation system with Siemens BMS to control the production of cold and hot water, while at the same time the remote monitoring of the whole operation was achieved through a Web Server of the same company.

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