Biosafety Laboratories

Biosafety Laboratories (BSL LABS) treat biological, pathogenic or toxic agents.

Design & Built of those spaces aims in assuring protection of the working personnel and the community of the pathogenic substances unintentionally released in the laboratory environment.

World Health Organization (WHO) divides BSL Labs into three categories regarding the biosafety Requirements: Basic (core) Control, Heightened Control, Maximum Heightened Control. Previous version 4 categories (BLS 1,2,3 & 4) determining the basic principles and requirements for each case.

BLS Labs certification follow the Standards of ABSA Association.

For BSL Labs we undertake the design, construction, integration of special HVAC equipment for the proper operation of the LAB, Laboratory Equipment, Security and ABSA Certification as turn-key solution.

BCT company has developed numerous BSL labs in Greece as well as the only BSL Class 3 in Athens, realized in Pasteur institute and certified by ABSA.


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GMP Laboratories

GMP laboratories are part of the QC activities in a Pharmaceutical / Medical Manufacturing suite or operate independently for R&D and prototyping purposes of new products.
GMP Labs need to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices Standards for this reason structural materials must be flash clean and shall not shed particles, Air filtration system must assure the required ISO 14644 cleanliness class according to GMP Class (A/B,C or D) and the necessary differential pressures. Equipment, lighting, laboratory gases circuits, security and monitoring are objectives that need to be taken care of.
In same Laboratories special engineering issues must be taken into account such as energy regain, redundancy as well as minimizing of energy consumption.
Our company designs and builds GMP Laboratories as a turn key solution providing IQ, OQ certification of the LAB to be submitted to the authorities for the acquisition of the necessary license.
We can also provide furniture and equipment so as the Laboratory to be read for use.

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