BCT group is specialized in cleanroom design, construction and validation. We also hold international certification in Cleanroom Technology & Cleanrooms Validation Process from Cleanrooms Testing and Certification Board – international.

Layout Design
Flow Determination

We develop cleanrooms for euGMP Pharmaceutical Applications (GRADE A,B,C,D), for electronic applications (ISO 3 – ISO 8), for aseptic food packaging (ISO 5) or for medical or micro devices manufacturing

Design scope:

Total Compliance with GMP Standards and ISO 14644

Zero cross-contamination RISK

Sustainability, minimum energy footprint, LEAN Operation

Expenditure optimization (CAPEX & OPEX)

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Cleanroom Structural Part

Cleanroom Build

Rooms construction with a variety of materials all compliant with GMP requirements

Special finishes, modular ceiling systems, interlocks, LAFs etc developed and produced by V. Bougatsos SA

Clean Design Concept

Separate Materials & Personnel Flow

Rooms Overpressure from cleaner to less clean

Differential Pressures for cross-contamination elimination

Cleanroom HVAC Systems

HVAC systems is the heart of engineering in Cleanroom Applications and determine the success of a Cleanroom. Cleanroom HVAC aims to:

Provide the necessary air achieving the required Classification

Maintain constant Temperature and relative Humidity

Achieve Differential Pressures and Pressure Cascades

Safeguards cross-contamination avoidance

Constant trouble-free operation and energy conservation is of central consideration in Cleanroom to HVAC design.

Successful design of Cleanroom HVAC system requires deep knowledge of thermodynamics, psychometrics, fluid dynamics, HVAC controls and incorporation of systems communication protocols and machine learning.

As most of the new production plans aim to high efficiency, uniform quality, elimination of production interruptions and continuous compliance to standards owners persist in effective Cleanroom HVAC design.

Old practices are substituted by new technologies based on more precise controlling, effective monitoring and energy conservation technics.

BCT as an engineering solution developing company with an extended background in industrial engineering is able to provide the most suitable design for each Cleanroom Application.

Cleanroom Validation

Cleanroom Validation – Testing – Certification Elaboration of All test according to ISO 14644

All test are performed in order to assure:

Correct Air volumes

Differential pressures maintenance

Integrity of HEPA Filters

Efficient Air Flow by air flow visualization

Room Recovery

Achieved Cleanliness Class in compliance with ISO 14644 and GMP

Constant Temperature & Relative Humidity

Cleanroom other Mechanical systems

Delivering a turn-key cleanroom often involves a series of other mechanical systems which BCT is capable to design and provide accordingly. 

Such systems are:

Environment Monitoring Systems (EMS - FMS)

Production equipment electrical supply

Compressed air Systems

Dedusting systems

Steam, Hot and Cold water for the Production Equipment needs

Laboratory gases (CO2, N2, O2)

Purify Water and Extra Purifying water

Data management from production equipment

Relevant Projects

Medicair - Cleanroom

Medicair – Cleanroom

Pharmaceutical Company Schimatari 2023 BCT-Group undertook the development of facilities for Medicair S.A. in Schimatari, Boeotia, configuring a cleanroom space

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