Process Cooling

Process cooling aims in providing cooling to products during the production process.

Products that require process cooling are almost all but most frequently:

Milk after pasteurization

Chocolates Tempering process

Cooling tunnels (apart from freezing tunnels)

Double wall mixers (food and pharma)

Cables after vulcanization

Plastic casting molds

Extrusion processes

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The challenges that needs to be successfully addressed are:

Provision of effective cooling with respect to product properties, heat transfer capabilities

Less possible energy consumption directly affecting production costs

Constant Cooling performance even in low ambient conditions

Uninterrupted operation, requiring totally different design to comfort cooling

Compatibility of cooling media to cooled product

BCT company has developed several systems for all type of processes that require process cooling. From aluminum extrusion to food cooling tunnels chillers design and cooling media circulation system is unique for each product and process.

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