Soya Mills SA2 – Process Cooling


Soya Mills SA2 – Process Cooling

Fruits & Vegetables

Isthmia, Greece


SOYA MILLS SA is a company with continuous growth that operates both in Greek territory and the Eastern Mediterranean. Its main products are proteins for animal feed, seed & olive oils & cereals.

In 2016 we were entrusted to cool the oil production line of the company’s factory at Isthmia, Greece.

The purpose of the project was to install a new refrigeration unit that cools a glycol solution for the productive operation of the factory.

The objectives of the new refrigeration systems were:

• The cooling of the propylene glycol solution down to -3 ° C

• Its operation should not be affected by the sea

• To consume the lowest possible energy

• To have a simple operation

BCT group managed to meet the project requirements and provided to our customer with a fully functional cooling system that ensures the proper operation of the production line and requires up to 14% less energy to operate.

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