Kotronis Plastics SA – Industrial HVAC & Refrigeration


Kotronis Plastics SA – Industrial HVAC & Refrigeration

Plastics Industry

Efpalio, Fokida Greece


Design and Construction of the HVAC system of Kotronis Plastics SA factory in Fokida, Greece.

The project demanded special design by our company to answer the following questions:
  • What was the optimal HVAC system?
  • How the system would operate in cooling process
  • How the system would work in dehumidification
  • How we would achieve positive air pressure
  • How the system would operate in ambient cooling (free cooling)
  • Required size of chillers
  • Number and mode of operation of air conditioning units – Assembly plans for the air conditioning units also provided
  • Hydraulic network design – Refrigerators and air conditioners
  • Automation design

BCT Group was also in charge of the design, construction, and installation of the automation system.

We supplied all the automation material:

  • Electrical panels of air conditioning units – Complete with power supplies and PLC
  • Humidity temperature sensors
  • Damper motors for free cooling

Kotronis Plastics SA started since 1971 as a medium-sized family business. Nowadays, the company counts 12,500 sq.m building facilities, registering a very good performance, underpinned by its responsibility and commitment to its philosophy, that is the growth orientation of a healthy company. By constantly investing in state-of-the-art equipment and by choosing the right people to support the development and restructuring of production processes, the company has succeeded in meeting the constant demands of the food packaging industry, which is reflected in its upward financial indicators.

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