BCT Group

BCT Group sponsors Greek Kickboxing athletes

BCT Group

BCT Group sponsors Greek Kickboxing athletes

It is our great joy and honor to announce our collaboration as sponsors for the three athletes of “IRON TEAM,” Sofia Defingou, Konstantinos Potouridis and Christina Trogadi, who are participating in the mission of the Hellenic Kickboxing National Team.

Our love for sports and our belief in the power of effort and struggle have led to this exciting collaboration.

As a company, we share the philosophy of dedication to purpose, continuous improvement, and striving to achieve goals. Our support for the athletes reflects these values and our commitment to being part of their success.

BCT Group

We are proud to support the team in this step and will be eagerly following their performances in the ring.

We are confident that with their dedication and perseverance, they will break every record and conquer the top.

We look forward to sharing this incredible adventure and witnessing their impressive achievements.

Let us experience together the strength and passion of kickboxing!

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