Printing Industry

Printing Plants encompass a vast variety of printing functions and printing materials form newspapers production (letterpress) to labels printing, packaging material printing, printing on plastic or on glass surfaces etc.

Especially in the packaging area printing quality is of high importance as it make a product attractive and provides added value.

Printing plants require:

  • Relative Humidity Control
  • Temperature control
  • Fresh air treatment to make up for air exhaust by process
  • Overpressure and clean conditions when printing material will be used for food packaging etc
  • Special Systems for films drying with oil heaters etc
  • Stability Rooms
  • Cooling water systems for multiple processes (drums cooling etc)

Maintenance of relative humidity at a constant value between 50÷60% is crucial and provides the following:

High printing quality

Reduction about 30% in solvent consumption

Delay of rotogravure cylinders plugging

Reduction in solvent odors

Lower temperature during summer, 3 oC to 5 oC

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