Forlabels SA – Industrial HVAC & Refrigeration


Forlabels SA – Industrial HVAC & Refrigeration

Printing Industry

Schimatari, Viotia


HVAC of a 40×23 m printing area at the company’s factory in Schimatari, Viotia.

The aim of the project was to achieve the desired temperature and humidity conditions throughout the year and to ensure air purity in the printing area to achieve high quality result. More specifically:

Desired room conditions in summer:
  • Temperature 26 to 27 ° C
  • Relative humidity 45 to 55%
Desired room conditions in winter:
  • Temperature 18 to 20 ° C
  • Relative humidity 40 to 50%
Ventilation of the room
Prevent dust from entering the printing room

All the HVAV systems monitored by an automation panel which had BMS processors and was connected to the server of the factory to ensure the desired function and prevent any kind of malfunction.

Forlabels SA is one of the largest and technologically advanced industries of adhesive label and packaging product solutions.

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