SYMETAL SA – Stasinopoulos Group of Companies – Cleanroom


SYMETAL SA – Stasinopoulos Group of Companies – Cleanroom

HVAC and CLEANROOM GRADE D design and construction for the production area of blistering foils of Symetal’s SA factory in Mandra, Attica.  

The cleanroom formed to produce foils that are placed in the packaging of solid pharmaceutical preparations (blistering process for pharmaceutical oral dosages).

Metals Industry

Mandra, Attica


The purpose of the project was the configuration of a cleanroom GRADE D class and the air conditioning of the rest of the production area. Specifically, the following objectives must be achieved:

Clean Blistering Foils production area
  • Temperature ≤ 25-26 οC
  • Relative Room Humidity: ≤ 65%
  • Overpressure with the environment: 15 Pa without vestibule, 25 Pa if it becomes vestibule
  • ISO Cleanliness of ISO 8 space at “at rest”
  • Certification of clean space according to ISO 14644 and delivery of all necessary protocols DQ, IQ, OQ.
Rest of the production area space
  • Room temperature in summer: 28οC close to people working areas and below 32-33 οC throughout the rest of the room.
  • Utilization to the maximum of free cooling (ambient air conditioning) so that the area is cooled with the minimum energy consumption.

To ensure the proper function and maintaining of the ideal conditions an Automatic Control System (BMS)of the total installation was established by our company. The Cleanroom HVAC system must be controlled by an open programming controller (BMS) to be able to perform all the necessary ckecks such as stability in temperature and relative humidity conditions, overpressure control, air supply control, clogged HEPA filters control.

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