Civil Plastics – Cleanroom


Civil Plastics – Cleanroom




BCT-Group undertook the construction of a cleanroom for Civil Plastics, a company that produces plastic packaging, a cleanroom which will house a production laboratory requiring clean conditions.

The project’s objective is for the implemented system to fully satisfy the requirements of the space in terms of temperature, air cleanliness, and overpressure.

The project includes:

  • Design & construction of Cleanroom
  • PAL Area
  • MAL Area
  • Separate Air Locks for personnel and materials
  • Certified ISO 14644 System
  • Installation of 50mm thick external polyurethane paneling
  • Installation of modular ceiling with heavy-duty aluminum profiles
  • Installation of LED lighting
  • Installation of central air supply conditioning unit with 5,500 m3/h capacity
  • Cleanroom certification according to ISO 14644 & EU GMP Volume 4 Annex 1
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