Degassing / Industrial
Air Processes

Degassing is a process very important in submarine cables production aiming in the  removal of insulation material volatiles with METHANE as the most dominant.

If volatiles removal is not achieved, cable insulation materials will continue to interact and mature under the sea leading to gases generation which may lead to cable joint disruption.

Degassing process is performed in other manufacturing processes as well apart form submarine cables.

To perform degassing process the product undertakes heating for a specific time period (many days to several weeks) in a special temperature. Degassing process stops when no further product maturation takes place significantly and methane concentration in the outer surface of the product is under a limit. In the same time volatiles must be handle and their concentration to be retained under a level, substantially lower to their LEL.

The better the air circulation and heat flow pattern performed around the degassing product the quicker and more effective the degassing process can be.

Our company has implemented several degassing systems for submarine cables production and holds special know how system design, construction and commissioning

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