Choose Life – Laboratories


Choose Life – Laboratories


Patra, Greece


Design, Construction & Validation of a complex of Cleanrooms which are used as Laboratories to research innovative therapies for hematological cancer in the Medical School of the University of Patras.

The project included two Laboratories and a vestibule with the following features:

  • Vestibule air purity class Grade D according to GMP
  • Laboratory 1 air purity class Grade C according to GMP
  • Laboratory 2 air purity class Grade B according to GMP

To meet the project scope our company had to overcome difficulties regarding the layout and the height of the available spaces which was not sufficient. We proceeded a very detailed design focused to the special needs of the space and engineer the most sustainable solutions for an excellent result.

To ensure the result we implemented a Building Management System (BMS) that monitor and record the temperature, the relative humidity, and the positive pressure of each of the three clean spaces Grade B, C and D, as well as the operation of the air conditioning. Furthermore, for the measurement of air purity in the area Grade B we installed an independent recording system, which is internationally verified as not accepting intervention to correct his measurements.

The project was funded entirely by the non-profit organization Choose Life and its Chairman & Founder Mari Evgenidou Loi, which supports hematological cancer patients, funding research to find innovative treatments, as well as raising public awareness about bone marrow donation.

Our company is proud of being part of this project.

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