Cleanroom Profiles by BCT

Cleanroom Profiles

BCT Produces our own design aluminum coving profiles for  to wall and wall corners, wall to ceiling corners and wall to floor.

Profiles are electrostatic painted in the same color or walls or ceiling.

Special items 1/8 of sphere for internal corners and ¼ of spare for external corners are putted in the junction of 3 direction profiles. Terminal coving profile fittings are used to cover floor coving profiles near door openings.

We keep stock for 300m coving profiles


Cleanroom Ceiling

In BCT we produce our own design aluminum profiles for Cleanrooms ceilings.

Profiles are made of heavy duty aluminum 2mm  thickness and dimensions WxH 60x40mm. This structure form standard ceiling pattens of 60x60cm and 60x120cm where HEPA filters, diffusers or lighting fixtures are positioned in the voids.Voids with no terminal are covered with melamine plates, plywood plates or rockwool panel plates.

Profiles can be electrostatic painted in the same color to covering plates or walls and provide a highly aesthetic result.There is always stock for 500 sq false ceiling installation available.