It’s resistance to most chemical agents makes it ideal for controlled contamination environments, where cleaning operations include weekly or daily cycles of sanitization. The HPL walls are available with three different types of insulation covering all the special requirements of cleanroom construction.

Standar Colours

Non-Standard Colours


Thanks to its adaptable use, HPL DeltaWALL™ Polystyrene is the most used panel internationally. Polystyrene insulation for HPL modular panels are used for various functions in a multitude of sectors:

PharmaceuticalBiomedicalChemical, Cosmetic and Food, without forgetting the structural projects of hospitals.


The HPL DeltaWALLS™ Rockwool panel is used in the majority of project that require a high degree of heat resistance and superior thermal insulation, saving on the maintenance cost of the installation.


The HPL DeltaWALL™ HONEYCOMB (ex Doluflex) panel is the top of range among DELTA2000 products.

It’s used by the most prestigious pharmaceutical companies.