STEEL DeltaWALLS™ has been designed to meet the most complex planning requirements in which modularity is the master, and to safeguard the customer’s budget.

Standar Colours

Non-Standard Colours


Thanks to its adaptable use, HPL DeltaWALL™ Polystyrene is the most used panel internationally. Polystyrene insulation for HPL modular panels are used for various functions in a multitude of sectors:

PharmaceuticalBiomedicalChemical, Cosmetic and Food, without forgetting the structural projects of hospitals.


The HPL DeltaWALLS™ Rockwool panel is used in the majority of project that require a high degree of heat resistance and superior thermal insulation, saving on the maintenance cost of the installation.


The HPL DeltaWALL™ HONEYCOMB (ex Doluflex) panel is the top of range among DELTA2000 products.

It’s used by the most prestigious pharmaceutical companies.