Soft Drinks

Soft drinks is a wide market that includes a vast variety of products, from mineral water to juices, colas, cold teas, bottled cocktails and more.

In warm countries like Greece soft drinks consumption is high and every year new products are introduced in the market.Soft drinks require the same conditions as in food processing. As they include mainly water they are quite susceptible to contamination and microbial growth, therefore effective HVAC systems are necessary to provide safe conditions.


In Soft Drinks industry we make systems for:

Central Ammonia Cooling Systems

Cooling after pasteurization and in multiple process stages

Processing Areas Ventilation with Clean and Conditioned Air

Pretreatment of fresh air

Cleanroom conditions in Bottling Processes – aseptic bottling

Storage Areas Cooling

Chemical and Microbial Laboratories Construction

Special ventilation (cip rooms, etc)

Relevant Projects