Meat & Fish

Meat and Fish processing plants require significant cooling volumes thus Refrigeration Systems for an integral part of the Production Equipment.

Risk management of pathogens requires appropriate cooling and clean conditions during all food process cycle from initial stage to final staroge.The meat and fish industry is committed to producing high quality products to maintain consumer confidence.

In Meat and Poultry plants we make systems for:

Cooling down carcasses after slaughtering

Processing and Packaging Rooms Cooling

Blast and Tunnel Freezers

Meat Aging Rooms

Refrigeration facilities for Storage

In Fishery facilities we make systems for:

Process rooms for fishery products

Ice makers (flake and tubular ice)

Fresh fish & shellfish cold storage: 0o / +2oC, 90% RH

Blast & Plate freezers

Frozen fish & shellfish cold storage: -29o / -26o / -23o C

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