Bakery Industry covers a large variety of products such as: bread, cakes, croissants, biscuits, crackers, toasts, buns, pies etc. 

Nowadays Bakery industry is oriented to the production of  green label products with less preservatives by using sustainable solutions for the production lines. Furthermore, Good Manufacturing Practices  dictates companies to ensure that ingredients, products and packaging materials are handled safely and that food products are processed under high hygiene conditions.

Constant Quality of the final Product as well as optimized systems CAPEX and OPEX to provide good product prices for the consumer are two pillars upon which Bakery Industries set their production standards to make their products successful in the market.

Our company has has significant know-how and experience in Bakery Industry and a remarkable portfolio of projects. We can provide

We can provide:

Lamination rooms cooling at 16°/18°C with humidity control

Fermentation rooms special conditions

Bread cooling after Baking

Packaging area comfort air-conditioning

Blast Freezers for dough or final product quick freezing

Dough cooling at mixers by chilled water 0oC

Cold Rooms 0°/4°C and -20°C/ -18°C according to the needs of the plant

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