Chocolates & Sweets

HVAC and refrigeration systems are essential for successful Chocolates & Sweets manufacturing. Proper conditions increase production volume, reduce production costs and assure products’ high quality.

Chocolates & Sweets production lines have special needs in temperature & humidity control systems and demand high specialization in design and implementation.

Temperature in most cases is critical as it should not exceed product melting point. On the other hand, low temperature may enhance products storage life but arises problems of moisture condensation on the product if it is not tight sealed. For these reasons careful considerations about temperatures handling are necessary.

In Chocolates & Sweets industries we make systems for:

Production and packing area air-conditioning 18o - 20oC, with relative humidity control

Cooling tunnels and enrobing machines refrigeration supply

Tempering machines chilled water supply

Production area proper ventilation

Cold Rooms for ingredients of final products storage

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