Heliosphera SA – Cleanroom


Heliosphera SA – Cleanroom


Tripolis, Greece


Heliosphera, photovoltaics factory 

Heliospera SA is a photovoltaic panels manufacturer based on thin film technology. Heliosphera production plant is situated in Industrial Zone of Tripolis, Greece.

Our project was to design and materialize a special HVAC system for a clean room of 14.000sq.m. of class ISO 8 (M6.5, FS 100.000) and a special cleanroom of 1.500 sq.m class ISO 7 (M5.5, FS 10.000)  in which the photovoltaic panels are produced.

The project consisted of the following systems:

  • Central chilling station 7500kW (cooling capacity), COP 5.5
  • Boiler room 2.750.000 kcal/h• Air handling units for air-filtration and distribution of 350,000 m3/h
  • HVAC infrastructures (duct circuits, piping, electrical networks, automation)
  • Water pump station for the process cooling, made of Inox Ansi 304
  • BMS system for the HVAC and for all the factory facilities

Project Execution Year: 2008-2009HVAC project cost: 5,000,000€

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