THEON – Cleanroom


Military & Security Applications Koropi 2023 BCT-Group designed and constructed a cleanroom of 180 square meters for THEON INTERNATIONAL, with cleanliness class ISO 8 (during operation), to be used as … Read more

Medicair – Cleanroom

Medicair - Cleanroom

Pharmaceutical Company Schimatari 2023 BCT-Group undertook the development of facilities for Medicair S.A. in Schimatari, Boeotia, configuring a cleanroom space intended for a sampling area that requires GMP Grade C … Read more

Kleva – Cleanroom

Kleva - Cleanroom

Pharmaceutical Company Athens 2023 Kleva SA is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1974, based in Athens, specializing in the development and manufacture of products. Design & construction of cleanrooms of … Read more

Civil Plastics – Cleanroom

Plastics Schimatari 2023 BCT-Group undertook the construction of a cleanroom for Civil Plastics, a company that produces plastic packaging, a cleanroom which will house a production laboratory requiring clean conditions. … Read more

New project for Rafarm S.A.


We are very pleased to announce the continuation of our excellent collaboration with Rafarm S.A. A partnership that started with Blistering Room’s construction and certification and is now evolving with … Read more