General Mills – Cleanroom

Chocolate & Sweets Oinofyta, Greece 2021 Design and construction of Cleanroom 550 m2 and Cleanroom HVAC system for the new production line and packaging of tortillas of General Mills International. Our company undertook the design, construction and certification of the clean space as well as the supply of the necessary machinery and construction materials. New … Read more

Pasteur Institute – Laboratories

Laboratories Athens 2022 Design & Construction of 100 sq.m high risk Biosafety Laboratories BSL 3, for the Microbiology Department of Pasteur Institute in Athens, Greece. The design is in accordance with the Laboratory biosafety Manual – Third Edition (2004) World Health Organization (WHO), in accordance with the 4th edition of the same Manual published in … Read more

BIOG3D – Cleanroom

Life Science Lavrio, Attica 2020 Construction of Cleanroom ~ 18 sqm of purity class ISO 7 (at operation) which serves as a cell culture laboratory at the Lavrio Technology Park. The project also includes the construction of an ISO 8 lobby in which the laboratory staff prepares and will serves as an auxiliary space. Turn-key … Read more

Nicochem SA – Cleanroom

Chemical Industry Agios Stefanos, Attica 2021 Cleanroom ISO 7 Design & Construction. Configuration of a 65 sq.m space for the housing of a chemical manufacturing plant requiring GMP Grade C purity conditions as well as a weighting area and a washstand area. More specifically: Laboratory space ( production & packaging): • 48 sq.m. • GMP … Read more

Help SA – Cleanroom

Life Science Industry Ioannina, Greece 2017 Cleanroom HVAC system Design & Construction for the new Chemistry and the new Microbiological Laboratory which serves as Cleanrooms of class GRADE A, B, C & D as well as for the offices area that will be formed in the building B of Ioannina factory. More specifically: Microbiological laboratory … Read more

Step Biomaterials – Cleanroom

Life Science Athens, Greece 2021 Design and Construction of a Cleanroom class ISO 7 (at operation) and a vestibule according to GMP Class C The cleanroom will be used for the production of bio-orthopaedic products. More specifically : Landscaping with polyurethane panel Construction of HVAC system Creating a watertight false ceiling Pass box for the … Read more

Choose Life – Laboratories

Laboratory Patra, Greece 2021 Design, Construction & Validation of a complex of Cleanrooms which are used as Laboratories to research innovative therapies for hematological cancer in the Medical School of the University of Patras. The project included two Laboratories and a vestibule with the following features: Vestibule air purity class Grade D according to GMP … Read more

Karamolegkos Bakery SA – Industrial HVAC & Refrigeration

Bakery Koropi, Greece 2021 HVAC of New Plant & Logistics Center in Koropi, Attica. More Specifically: Refrigerators and HVAV of the new plant Ventilation of new plants’ furnaces Ventilation of the new logistics warehouse  Projects’ objectives: Cool a quantity of 1,200 lt/h of water from 25οC to + 3οC Maintain constant conditions: 28oC, RH: 55%. … Read more

Pleioflow – Cleanroom

Project Description  Construction of Cleanroom with purity class ISO 7 (at operation) according to ISO 14644 for the company Pleioflow, in which medical devices will be produced and assembled. Construction of auxiliary spaces such as staff dressing area and storage of raw materials and final product that also function as clean areas ISO 8 at … Read more

ES Systems – Cleanroom

Cleanroom class ISO 7 Design & Construction for ES Systems company in Koropi, Attica.It will be used as a laboratory for assembly of electronic circuits for micro-sensors.In addition, a vestibule of purity class ISO 8 is included, in which the preparation of the laboratory staff will take place. HVAC system Design and Construction in order … Read more