chipita russia

Chipita Russia – Industrial HVAC & Refrigeration

chipita russia

Chipita Russia – Industrial HVAC & Refrigeration

Confectionary & Sweets

St. Petersburg, Russia


Project scope was:

Design & construction of the HVAC systems of the Chipita factory in St. Petersburg, Russia.


The design & implementation of the systems was really demanding and needs special know-how. In St. Petersburg, extremely low ambient temperatures prevail during the winter. This fact forced us to make improvements in the supply system of fresh filtered air in relation to corresponding installations in other countries.

  • Gradual reduction of the supplied air up to a minimum depending on the ambient temperature.
  • Mixing room air & ambient air. The supply of fresh air to the room never stops even though below an ambient temperature e.g. 10 oC we had to do something to heat the supplied air. This achieved without heat consumption only by mixing the ambient air with the room air.
  • Auxiliary heating
  • In case the ambient temperature is too low and reaching the supply temperature of 10 –12oC is impossible by mixing
  • Heated the production area when no production took place
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