Athinaiki Zythopoiia – Cleanroom


Athinaiki Zythopoiia – Cleanroom

Beverages – Brewery

Patras, Greece


Air conditioning with fresh air – Beer bag packing room

Achieving cleanroom conditions with temperature control in the beer bag packing area for the company’s factory in Patras, Greece. In order for the beers to remain intact special conditions required during fermentation, maturation and storage.

The project’s objectives were:
  • Conditions of air purity in packaging area, close to ISO-8 class
  • Overpressure in the packing area 10 Pa with ambient air intake.
  • BBL packing area temperature below 26 ° C and above + 18 ° C

BCT Group designed and implemented the appropriate HVAC systems to achieve the desired conditions and validated the Cleanroom by performing the following tests according to ISO 14644-part 3:

  • Unit flow measurements with the pitot static tube method
  • Confirmation of room air changes
  • Overpressure measurements
  • Temperature – humidity and logging measurements
  • Air flow visualization and video recording with smoke test
  • Recovery test 
  • Particle measurements in “at rest” and “at operation” conditions.

Athenian Brewery started the production of beer since 1963. Since then, the company constantly evolving, being the largest and most historic Greek brewery.

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